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David James Lynch was born in St. John's, Newfoundland and Labrador, but was raised in the tiny community of Bellevue Beach.


Growing up in a town with no cable television and limited options for entertainment allowed David the opportunity to imagine. Whether it was adventures with friends on the beach, in the forests around his home, or spending time with hobbits within the pages of a book, his childhood was a time during which imagination was relied upon and enjoyed to the greatest extent possible. 

David believes that maintaining a sense of wonder, a search for adventure, and a belief that anything is possible starts simply with imagination. When we allow ourselves to imagine, we open doors to worlds we might have never known to exist. For this reason, David spends considerable time looking for doors to open. Most - he's learned through experience - aren't even locked. 

For twenty years, David has worked with the youth of his province as an educator and school counsellor. The hundreds of children he's met and worked with through the years have been a constant source of inspiration. 

David is the two-time winner of the WritersNL Nightmare Writing Competition. He has published two short stories - Influence, in the 'Mythology From The Rock' anthology, and Poultice, in 'Fairy Tales From The Rock' - both from Engen Books. All Things Broken, David's first novel, is the first book in a planned trilogy titled The Egimian Chronicles

David currently lives in Paradise, NL with his wife and two children. 

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